There are many reasons why owners wish to exit their business. Having a conversation with Knightstone Capital early on can mean avoiding the time, cost and disappointment of appointing a business sales agent or broker.

Our approach is flexible; your business may be profitable and growing, or it may be struggling and under financial pressure, or perhaps a disposal or carve-out from a corporate group.

Our focus is SME ventures typically up to £10m turnover although larger companies will be evaluated. We will consider most market sectors and business types where there is an opportunity to significantly grow revenue and profitability. We are particularly interested in businesses that have a strong brand in their market.

We take the time to understand your business, the culture and the history and if we agree a deal to acquire the business we will aim to build upon the strengths of the brand alongside business improvement and growth strategies. We will usually retain the owners/directors during a hand-over period, and in some circumstances, we can give the owners the opportunity to stay on in an employed or self-employed role.

Your business valuation

Shareholders and directors can sometimes have an unrealistic business valuation, often based on many years of hard work and ‘sweat equity’ or the perceived value of intellectual property (IP) or innovation. Knightstone Capital invests based on financial results and performance and will factor in potential risks involved. Having a realistic expectation will avoid the deal falling through later in the process.

We will discuss acquisition structures including share sale or asset sale, deferred consideration and earn-out options, and whether the deal should be all equity or a mix of equity and debt.

We will consider acquisitions in any of the following situations

Business Exit/Sale

Where the shareholders wish to exit the business due to retirement, ill-health, a change in personal circumstances or to pursue other interests.

Distressed Businesses

For struggling companies under pressure from banks or creditors, Knightstone Capital can acquire all or a major stake and provide the capital and business support to facilitate a turnaround.

Business Unit Disposal

Knightstone Capital can acquire a division or business unit carved out of a larger organisation.

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At Knightstone Capital we’d love to know more about your ideas and business. Our team review many investment opportunities and pitches every month and if we can see a good ‘fit’ we’ll invite you to present to our Investment Team, led by our CEO and Founder Andrew Scott.

Knightstone Capital Ltd makes no representation that it will invest in or acquire a business or assets. The company or its representatives do not offer business or financial advice and interested parties should seek independent legal and financial advice before proceeding with any transaction.