Knightstone Capital supports early-stage ventures and ambitious management teams with equity investment, business expertise and unrivaled resources to help your business scale.

We invest in SME companies where the business is rapidly scalable within a sizeable market, and a clear USP exists. It might be a disruptive technology, an innovative approach to business or a premium product line.

We invest from our own SME fund and can co-invest with other investors on larger deals. For some deals, Knightstone Capital can arrange for a mix of equity and debt, working with our trusted network of debt providers. This can help accelerate growth.

At Knightstone Capital we review many investment opportunities every month. Like all angel investors, venture capital and private equity firms, we aim to invest in companies where we can see the greatest opportunity for growth with an exit plan within 5 years.

Your business valuation

Shareholders and directors can sometimes have an unrealistic business valuation, often based on many years of hard work and ‘sweat equity’ or the perceived value of intellectual property (IP) or innovation. Knightstone Capital invests based on financial results and performance and will factor in potential risks involved. Having a realistic expectation will avoid the deal falling through later in the process.

Providing us with as much information as possible will ensure we can evaluate the opportunity as quickly as possible. We will carry out extensive due diligence and while we will be as discreet as possible, our due diligence process means we may wish to speak to employees, customers, suppliers, banks, HMRC, landlords and other parties.

Completion and post-completion

If a deal is reached Knightstone Capital will typically have at least one director on the Board and potentially a non-executive chairman. The management team must prepare regular updates and detailed monthly management reports, comply with Knightstone Capital policies relating to governance and processes, and provide full access to all business activities as and when required.

The Knightstone Capital team has business expertise spanning sales and marketing, operations, technology, HR and finance, and will support the management team in maximising growth and profitability.

We will consider investing in any of the following situations

Early Stage Venture

Where the founder has taken their initial start-up idea and turned it into a trading business and needs a financial 'runway' to reach profitability.

Growth Funding

Where an established, successful management team is seeking an equity partner to provide investment to accelerate growth.

Replacing Shareholders

Funding a Management Buy Out (MBO) or replacing a disparate group of investors with a single partner can help galvanise a business while providing the existing shareholders with an exit.

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At Knightstone Capital we’d love to know more about your ideas and business. Our team review many investment opportunities and pitches every month and if we can see a good ‘fit’ we’ll invite you to present to our Investment Team, led by our CEO and Founder Andrew Scott.

Knightstone Capital Ltd makes no representation that it will invest in or acquire a business or assets. The company or its representatives do not offer business or financial advice and interested parties should seek independent legal and financial advice before proceeding with any transaction.